Monday, October 8, 2012

Egypt is a rough diomand ....

It just needs some polishing to show its true beauty!!!

I left Egypt June 2001, and I've never been back to visit since. 11 years have passed, and here I am returning to Egypt spending my month vacation. And here is the month flying by, and I'm heading back to Canada in a couple of days. Mixed feelings fill my heart and mind. I don't want to leave, but I can't wait to go back to Canada. I'm sure the second I land in Toronto, I'll be longing to coming back to Egypt.

Egypt is beautiful! I fell in love with Cairo, its history, its people (well, some of the people). I can see a lot of potential in the country, and I have no doubt that this country will regain its greatness. I will post later about my opinion of the political situation in Egypt.

Here are some photos I took at El Mo'ez Street. It's a historic street that also connects to Khan el Khalili (one of the most famous markets). Enjoy the photos, and remember that you'll enjoy them more if you visit this amazing country.

 Sultan El Ghouri's mosque
 El Ghouri's complex

 At El Mo'ez Street with my sister

 I'm particularly fond of this shot

 Sitting inside El Sehemi's house. It's a historic house in El Mo'ez Street

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