Sunday, September 25, 2011


Geocaching is pretty much High Tech Treasure hunting. It all started when a software engineer hid a "cache" in the woods and put the GPS coordinates up in the year 2000. This occurred, naturally, after the U.S unscrambled satellite signals allowing the general public to use GPS systems.
Right now, there is about 1 million caches hidden all over the world. Non geocachers are known as Muggles in the geocaching world.
Here is a link for the main website for geocaching. It has all the info to get you started;

So, today I went on a geocaching hunt. I only found one, but the photos turned out okay which substitutes for the fact that my geocache hunt wasn't as successful as I expected. Enjoy the photos :) all feed back is welcome. Also, which shot of the MINI do you like best ?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Demonstration in Downtown Toronto

I guess we are all aware of the recent events in Egypt. The people revolting against an oppressive regime supported by western powers and the States. Now, the regime is crumbling, and the Egyptian people are getting their Egypt back !! Good on you !!

Note: Jack Layton showed up, one liberal MP, some comies, but the conservatives were no where to be found