Monday, October 8, 2012

Question to the newly "elected" egyptian president

If you are as fearless as you claim, if you're a just ruler as you claim, if you think the Egyptian people love you, why on earth are you surrounded by at least 9 body guards while you are praying in public!!??

The photo I saw today in the news paper really pissed me off. All what I see is a president who is fearful, and scared for his life. I see a puppet controlled by the Muslim brotherhood. During my month stay in Egypt, I tried go follow the news as much as I can. I have never seen a political party make so many mistakes and blunders in such a short period of time!! They started their campaign with a lie "mashrou3 el nahda". In my view, this is a crime. They lied to the most vulnerable group of the Egyptian populous. They lied to the poor and oppressed and gave them hope, only to yank that hope once they're in power. All what I see is a new political party using the same methods of the old regime to try and stay in power. Haven't they learned anything from the very recent history? Are they really that stupid and idiotic? I don't see them staying in power for long. Their political stupidity and arrogance will be their demise. And what a fall that will be for them.

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