Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Trip to Egypt

It was June 1st, 2001, the day I said goodbye to Egypt and set sail (well, got on a plane) to Canada. As I left, it never crossed my mind that I won't be back for another 11 years. It was strange getting a culture shock going back to one's homeland, but that's exactly what happened. After all, I did spend the crucial years, where you develop your personality, in Canada.

The trip so far is amazing. I've fell in love with Cairo. The city never sleeps and is full of life. If you can get over the crazy driving, you'll easily fall in love with it. The city is full of historic buildings. You literally don't want to blink so you don't miss anything. 

In my next few posts, I'll talk about some of those historic sites. Hope you enjoy them.



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