Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to use built in flash on a point and shoot or DSLR

We've all used point and shoot cameras in birthdays, parties, clubs, etc, and we've all used the dreaded "built in flash" only for the pics show up with no background and very harsh shadows. The reason being is, the smaller the light source, the harsher the shadows are. This is why professionals use diffusers and light boxes in studios to diffuse the light and create soft shadow. But really, who wants to carry a light box into a bday party or a club !! it's just not cool, and the chances of you walking around without knocking someone out or poking someone's eye is very slim.

So, here is a quick solution, get a piece of kleenex / soft napkin and hold it in front of the flash, you'll be surprised at the results !

And that's your tip of the day :)

I will post a couple of pics later on showing the results of using this technique.


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