Monday, February 18, 2008

My Gear

I decided to buy a DSLR camera after a friend of mine bought the Canon Rebel Xti (a beautiful camera). I was on a budget so I had to find a good deal. Luckily, Olympus had a deal that day (they were trying to promote their new line of DSLRs). Basically, it was a bit cheaper than Nikon and Canon, and it came with 2 lenses (as opposed to only one lens from Canon and Nikon). It was very easy for me to make the decision because, 1. I'm not really experienced with SLRs, 2. the sales representative was really cute, 3. I grew up in Egypt and Olympus is very well known over there. I have to say I'm not disappointed at all with my camera, which is Olympus Evolt E-410. It is packed with features, and for a beginner photographer, it's pretty good. The two lenses are: Zuiko ED 14-42 mm, and Zuiko ED 40-150mm. Those are the entry level lenses (no professional photographer will use them) from Olympus. However, They do a pretty good job. The professional lenses have their advantages but I'll tackle this in a later post.

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